Generalgouvernement 1939 - 1945 e.V.
im Bund deutscher Philatelisten e.V. und Studiengruppe der Poststempelgilde e.V.
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Here you will find the available literature of the study group.

Members of the ArGe GG, Poststempelgilde, ArGe Zensurpost, ArGe Polen, ArGe Ostgebiete
and ArGe Feldpost as well as bookstore or book dealers will get a significant reduction on
the sales price.
Payment and delivery of the english books will be handled by our partner Peter Morgen.
We will forward your order to him.

Enjoy selecting.
For questions and Orders please send an email.
Impressum The english handbooks do have the format B5. In brackets the # of the german handbook.
# Description (click on the linke to get an inside view) Authors Pages Pice
in Euro
MPG 18 Special cancels and Souvenir cards of the GG (H66) Michael Schweizer 208 25,90 color
MPG 19 Handbook of the Stamps, Plate Flaws, Seet Features, Varieties and Printers's Waste of the GG (H60) Michael Schweizer 126 18,50 color
MPG 20 Documentation of the Postal Matter Cards in the GG (H50) &
The Official Postal Matter Cards of the Post-Office Warschau C1 (H56)
Michae Schweizer 79 14,50 color
MPG 21 Documentation on the Publicity Cancels in the DPO in the GG (H67) &
Documentation on the Consignor Meter Postmarks in the DPO in the GG (H68)
Michael Schweizer 127 18,50 color
MPG 22 The Gift books oft the DPO and the Staatsdruckerei Wien with Stamps of the GG (H58) Michael Schweizer 59 10,00 color
MPG 23 Documentation on Stamp Designs, Proofs and Essay Proofs in the GG (H55) Detlef Pfeiffer /
Michael Schweizer
124 19,50 color
H62 The Hans Frank Stamp, British Propaganda Forgery for the General Government (bilingual); Format A4 Wolfgang Baldus /
Michael Schweizer
40 19,50 color
MPG 24 Premium Stamps, Iron Stamps and Benefit Stampsl for Clothing in the GG (H59) Marius Bochniak /
Jan Olenski /
Michael Schweizer
36 9,50 color
MPG 25 The V-Symbols and Marks (a campain) in the GG (H53) Manfred Teckert 155 21,00 color
MPG 26 The Stamp Collectors Office Supplier of Stamps from the GG (H51) Michael Schweizer 173 21,00 color
MPG 28 Forms of the Deutsche Post Osten (H65)    Michael Schweizer 85 16,00 color
GG H69E Documentation of the handstamps "Der Postort heisst ... "in the General Governement (H69) Manfred Teckert 100 14,50 color
H75 The Commemorative Issue to the 400th Anniversary of the death of the German Astronomer Nikolaus Kopernikus Kurt Peters/
Michael Schweizer
57 11,25 color
GG 66F Les Oblitérations Spéciales et les Cartes Souvenir du Generalgouvernement (H66) Michael Schweizer 208 25,90 color
GG 60F

Manuel philatélique du Generalgouvernement - Ses timbres, avec leurs variétés et curiosités. Etude des marquages de feuilles. Rebuts d' impression.

Heinz Erwin Jungjohan/Michael Schweizer 126 18,50 color
H72 from original 491 37,50 noir/blanche